Will Baths or Bathroom Showers Enclosures Enhance the Value of a Property?

Bathroom Shower Enclosure

Experts believe almost all types of bathroom makeovers will likely get a good return on your investments. Amongst all such changes in the bathroom, the most common question that makes homeowners confuse is whether a replacement of the bathtub with a bathroom shower will have a positive or a negative impact on the home resale value.?  While a bath and shower are both are great for anyone, a personal preference, or the advantages they offer may be a decisive factor. 

In this article, we will have a discussion on how a bathroom shower can affect the value of your home and whether getting rid of a bath makes any difference?

Bathroom Shower Enclosures Vs. Bath – Home Resale Value

If you think that your bathroom renovations involve opting for a bathroom shower enclosure in place of a bath, then you need to think about yourself first. Are you planning such a replacement despite having a need for a bath? The answer to such a simple question will be determined based on favor factors.  Real estate valuation experts believe that to make high resale value, you will need to have at least one bath in your home. The latest research reveals that at least half of the buyers want a bathtub in their master bathroom in addition to a bathroom shower enclosure. 

It is also an important point to note that a bathtub instead of a shower may be a preference for a buyer with children and pets. As it will make giving them a bath a lot easier. Therefore, if you have at least one bath available in your home, then it is going to help you sell the home more quickly. It will also help with a better listing as the bathroom with only a bath available is called a three-quarter bathroom and with both, it can be categorized as a full bath.

Despite such an option of the experts, getting rid of the bathtub for the bathroom shower enclosure is a popular trend. 

Bathroom Upgrades with a Bathroom Shower Enclosures to Increase Value.

The bathroom upgrades with a bathroom shower depend on the type of bathroom space you already have. You need to know whether the bathroom you want to upgrade is a full bath, half bath, or ¾ bath. A full bath is the one that is a master bathroom room. It usually has a shower, bathtub, sink, and toilet. Contrary to that, a half bath is something that has only a toilet and sink that are necessary fixtures for any space. By the addition of a shower enclosure, it converts into a ¾ bath. If you already have a ¾ bath, then it means that you have a bath or a shower in addition to a toilet and sink. In most such bathrooms, people prefer a shower enclosure instead of a bath to save space. 

What Buyer’s Want?

Your bathroom makeover will not increase the value of property unless it has what buyer’s want. A recent survey of 2019 reveals that around 51% of the people want a shower enclosure in their master bathroom but they also want a bathtub as well. Among the respondents, 45% think that a shower is must have utility for them. The latest bathroom renovation trends of 2022 show the trend of preferring shower enclosures. It includes walk in showers, spa like showers, and enclosed showers. 

Value Addition by Bathroom Shower Enclosure.

Although the value addition also depends on your location and area and the number of bathtubs already in the home but adding a shower may increase some value. You can expect that addition to the value by installing a shower or a bathroom shower enclosure by up to 9%. It will be applicable where you have attached a bathroom with every room in the house. 

In case you already have a full bath with a shower in it. Then you can think about upgrading it with a shower enclosure. It may be a quadrant, square, or rectangular shower enclosure. You may even choose a walk-in shower that will be more accessible and spacious option. By this upgrade or addition, you can expect around 2% value addition to the property. 

Bottom Line.

Installing a glass bathroom shower enclosure can be a great way to increase the value of your home. However, it also depends on where you live and whether you already have a bathtub available. Whether you choose to upgrade for a shower as an addition or a replacement of a bathtub, it is recommended that at least one bath should be available in your home. Among different types of shower enclosures available in the market, a walk in shower is a popular trend in 2022. That’s means if you want to sell your home this year or the next, it will be a better idea to install this type of shower. 

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