Average Expense of Roofing House Owners Need to Bear in Georgia

Average Expense of Roofing House Owners Need to Bear in Georgia

A damaged roof can cause huge mayhem in daily life, due to leakages and water seeping inside the rooms. Thus, even slight damage to a roof should be repaired immediately, to avoid such discomfort. Many people think that roofing is an expensive matter, for which they may tend to avoid it as long as possible. However, the roofing of Georgia is not that costly as quoted by most of the local roofers. 

Costs of roof repairing service in Georgia 

The repairing cost of a roof varies from $100 to $1000 in Georgia, depending on the size of the roof and materials used for its repair. If only one shingle needs to replace on a roof, the cost can be only $100 to $200. If the entire roof demands repairs with several replacements of tiles, the cost can go up to $1000. Such large-scale repairs are only needed to clear molds, replacement of rusted gutters, multiple leakages proved by water stains all along the walls and ceiling. Some roofers charge on the basis of hours needed to complete a roofing project. The labor charge can be $45 – $75 per hour for repairing a roof. 

Cost of installing a new roof in Georgia

The installation of a new roof in a house can range from $2000 to $25000 in Georgia. The variation of roofing price depends on the roof pitch, materials chosen for a roof, accessibility to the roof, and size of the roof. Asphalt shingle is the cheapest one, as it costs only $2.5 – $3 per square foot. Metal tiles cost $ 7 – $9 per square foot while slate and cedar wood shingles cost $10 per square foot. If an existing roof needs to be removed, its current condition and the amount of materials to be removed can influence the total cost of the project. The size of a house determines the roofing cost and an average residential house of 650 – 900 square feet area will have a roof of 1000 – 1350 square feet, for which the expense of $3500 – $8000 may be needed. 

How to get the quotes for a roofing project?

People are often confused about whether they need to repair their roofs and the total cost of a roofing project needs. Hence, it is best to call the chosen roofing contractor to schedule a site inspection by experienced roofers. They will minutely check the condition of the roof and inform the estimated cost needed for its repair. They can suggest different materials and designs for a roof, among which the house owner can choose the one that seems to fit his budget and architectural style. The roofers also help in zeroing on a particular type of material and color of roof tiles, as per the choice of the client. 

Once all the details of the roofing project are decided, the contractor assigns his team to start work immediately and finish it within the given deadline. Thus, the roofing of Georgia is no more a serious headache for house owners, due to the efficiency of local roofing contractors.

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