Top Cloakroom Vanity Units Ideas for Small Bathrooms

cloakroom vanity unit

With the space getting less in most of the UK’s bathrooms, it has become important to know what cloakroom vanity units ideas can work for you. Storage is an essential need for every bathroom, whether small or large. There is no exception to it. The cloakroom is the smallest room in the home. You still need to keep toiletries, towels, and a few other items for quick use. However, due to the limitation of space availability, you have fewer options than the standard vanity units. But that does not mean you will need to compromise on the style and functionality. Although space may at premier with such spaces, it is important that you know what options you may have available for a cloakroom. 

In this article, we are going to provide you with important information about cloakroom vanity units UK. So, you can make sure you get the right storage for your bathroom. 

What are The Cloakroom Vanity Units?

There are various types of bathroom furniture available in different styles and sizes. It is not possible to have a one size fits all approach when it comes to storage furniture. Cloakroom vanity Units are a type of compact storage unit that have space-saving designs. Due to their shape, size, and style, these become a perfect choice for cloakrooms or small bathrooms. 

Your Options for Cloakroom Vanity Units. 

When it comes to vanity units, there are the following different options available for you. 

  • Corner Fitted Vanity Units. 

Among all of the available options for the cloakroom, the first and most space-saving choice may be a corner-fitted vanity unit. As it’s clear from the name, these units fit into the corner, helping you to use this mostly unused space. The corner is the space that goes unused in most bathrooms. That’s why using that for storage purposes makes a lot of sense. Such vanities are available with a sink fitted over them. 

  • Wall hung Vanity Units

Another suitable option available for you is a wall-hung or floating style vanity unit. You simply hung them on the wall. Available in different sizes, the storage is under the sink, creating a minimalist and luxurious look for your bathroom. Not only are these compact in size and modern in looks, but they also conceal the plumbing and pipework within them. Such storage is suitable for a small bathroom because it creates the illusion of more space even in limited space. 

  • Freestanding Vanity Units. 

In case you don’t want a floating style vanity due to any reason, the second option that you may have available is freestanding vanity units. But such cloakroom freestanding vanities are different from standard bathroom furniture as these have a compact size. That means while these directly stand on the floor, these have less width making them less space occupying unit. While the worktop sink is at the top of the vanity unit, the under-sink space provides ample storage capacity for bathroom essentials. 

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Vanity Unit. 

There are the following tips that you can follow for choosing a perfect cloakroom vanity unit

  • Before choosing bathroom storage, whether cloakroom or any other space, it is important that you consider the needs of the users who will use that bathroom. Any guests normally used A cloakroom, so you would want to keep essential items that they often need in the bathroom. 
  • You need to make an accurate identification of the location where the plumbing connection is available. If you are setting up a new bathroom, then it will most probably be required you to have a perfect layout as well. It is obvious that you can not fit the vanity everywhere without much consideration.
  •  Check the size that may perfectly fit into the space and can meet the current as well as future storage needs. You should measure the space and leave some extra inches for comfortable opening and closing of the drawer. 
  • Like other bathroom furniture, cloakroom vanity units are available in contemporary and traditional styles. You may choose the style as per your requirements. A wall-hung style is a great option if you want your space to look modern and luxurious. 

Final Thoughts about Cloakroom Vanity Units

A cloakroom is usually the smallest room in any house. But that does not mean that it is less important. As it is used by the guest, you can make it a great space to have a good first impression on them. Despite compact space, you have a number of cloakroom vanity unit options available that we discussed, along with a few important tips. You can check all types of bathroom furniture at Royal Bathrooms’ online store in the UK.

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