What is the Most Functional Kitchen Shape?

What is the Most Functional Kitchen Shape?

When designing a new kitchen, it is easy to assume that bigger is better, but the reality is that the most functional kitchen is the one that makes the most of the space one has available. For example, if you have a really large space, having all the cabinetry and appliances along one wall might not be the most favorable design in terms of functionality. The interior design experts at Triple Heart Design say that the best kitchen design is the one that optimizes what is known as the work triangle. The work triangle in a kitchen is the imaginary pathway between the sink, refrigerator, and hob. 

The Best Kitchen for the Space You Have

As well as being the place where you prepare food, the kitchen is often called the heart of the home because this is where many people spend a lot of their day. It might be where the family gather to chat while the food is being prepared and where they will all sit to eat at least one meal every day. Some people even prefer an open-plan design that incorporates their cooking and preparation area with their dining and living areas. This means that the design of a kitchen is even more important. 

A good kitchen design will utilize the space efficiently, with the maximum storage space to keep everything organized. The flow of the kitchen is also an important consideration and is why that all-important work triangle should be at the heart of your design. 

If you have a small home with a small kitchen, you may want to consider a single-wall kitchen. If you have room for an island as well, you can use it to house one point of the work triangle. If not, you might lose the triangle altogether, but this is not a major problem in a small space. 

Another compact kitchen design for smaller spaces is the galley kitchen, which utilizes the two walls that run parallel to each other. The work triangle can be accommodated in this type of kitchen but because of its layout and design, this kitchen is typically used in small apartments where space is at a premium. 

An L-shaped kitchen design uses two walls adjacent to each other and is a very functional design with everything close to hand. Some people will incorporate an island unit for more space and functionality if they have the space to accommodate it. 

To separate dining and cooking areas in a large open-plan design, a U-shaped kitchen is ideal. This kitchen layout ensures optimal cooking and preparation areas with three walls or two walls and a peninsula. 

Choosing Your Kitchen Layout

It can be difficult to decide which kitchen shape is best for your situation. Interior designers can help you make the most of the space you have by working with you on a design that is the most functional while being aesthetically pleasing. 

Before speaking to an experienced designer, it is a good idea to draw a plan of your space, marking important points such as doors, windows, and radiators. You should then make a list of the things that you would like your new kitchen to have and those that you would prefer not to have. 

Interior designers know how to maximize the space you have while incorporating all your requests. They will provide expert knowledge and advice on specific features that will work well in your home and those that will not work so well. So, to get the kitchen of your dreams, it is best to find a designer with plenty of experience in kitchen design.

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