Can i Put Earthworms In My Raised Vegetable Garden Bed?

Can i Put Earthworms In My Raised Vegetable Garden Bed?

Generally speaking, there is no need to add worms to your raised garden bed. Earthworms will automatically find their way to your raised garden bed area. But if you have just built your raised garden bed, it will take some time before the worms can find their way to your garden bed. So, if you want to trigger plant growth, it could be a good idea to add worms to the soil and increase its fertility manually. So, let us look at some of the benefits of adding earthworms to your raised garden bed.

The Nutrient Availability Improves: Earthworms eat the plant debris like roots and dead leaves and leave behind their excreta. The casts of worms are rich in nutrients. A lot of readily available nitrogen is present in the worm castings. The plants can use this to trigger the growth of plants. Worms have tunnels, and they leave the cast in these tunnels. The tunnels are really good for plant growth; they also add moisture to the soil.

They Improve Drainage: If the soil present in your raised garden bed is old, the soil has become compact with time. Earthworms can do a lot of work for you. Their channelling activities can loosen the soil. This can decrease the compaction of the soil, and the drainage facility also improves. According to research, soil containing earthworms can drain at least ten times faster than soil without earthworms. The soil infiltration rate is also five times better in soil containing earthworms.

They Improve The Soil Structure: Soil structure is very important when increasing the yield of plants in your raised garden bed. A good soil structure can hold a lot of moisture in it. The cast of earthworms can act as a cementing agent to the soil and cement the soil particles together to form an aggregate. This aggregate is good for holding up the moisture. Worms are also responsible for making goods topsoil by leaving their cast on the soil surface. You can also try to use a diy raised planter box for your garden area.

They can improve productivity: Worms can improve drainage and increase soil nutrient availability. These factors can, in turn, enhance the productivity of the soil. According to research, an acre of land with around 50,000 earthworms can make up to 50 tons of casting, and we all know how important worm castings are for improving soil quality. So, when you add earthworms to your soil, the productivity of your raised garden bed increases, and you can grow a huge variety of plants within a very small period.

To sum it up:

And this is how you can use earthworms to increase the fertility of the soil. You can also contact us for raised garden beds for sale.

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