Mid Century Modern Kitchen Ideas

Have you ever dreamt of the most amazing mid-century modern kitchen and wondered how to create your own? It’s difficult to sometimes know where to start, but with these ideas, you’ll have a head start on what materials to use, hardware, countertops, kitchen cabinets, and more! 

Let’s not waste any time and get into these 14 different ideas on how to create your very own mid-century modern kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinetry

Here we have a few different options for kitchen cabinets when creating your very own mid-century modern kitchen. Look through them and see which style fits your needs the best!

Cinnamon Shaker

While looking through mid-century modern kitchens, you will notice that a lot of them have minimalist cabinetry that is usually a wood material or color. These cinnamon colored shaker cabinets are a perfect mix of both– providing both the sleek lines of the cabinets and the brownish-orange color. Pair them with gold hardware or hardware that perfectly meshes with the cabinets and you have the optimal cabinets for a mid-century modern kitchen!

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Can we just stare at this kitchen for a few more minutes? The mid-century modern design of this kitchen is absolutely spot-on, and the cabinets are what manages to pull it all together. Just like the style in the 70s, these wood cabinets are perfect and the hardware seamlessly adds to the aesthetic. Paired with modern countertops and appliances, this kitchen is the epitome of mid-century modern!

Toffee-colored kitchen cabinets

Looking for mid-century modern kitchen inspiration that’s a little bit more on the subtle side? This kitchen brings in the 70s feel with the light pendants, kitchen cabinets, and barstools. Replace the stools and pendants, and you have a traditionally modern kitchen. The toffee-colored kitchen cabinets are the perfect color for a mid-century modern kitchen but can be easily used for any other style, such as traditional or modern. Therefore, you have many options if after a while you want to change up the look of your kitchen!


Having the correct hardware can sometimes be the make or break for a mid-century modern kitchen. But finding the right hardware for your kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult; here are a few good ideas for what hardware to include in a mid-century modern kitchen!

Silver pull in your kitchen cabinetry

A simple, silver pull in your kitchen cabinetry is a great option to integrate into your mid-century modern kitchen. They will match any kitchen cabinetry, countertops, appliances, and backsplashes, making them quite universal. The long, plain silver pulls will look amazing alongside the other 70s-style items within the kitchen, and they won’t break the bank!

Gold-brushed pulls 

These gold-brushed pulls and circular knobs are SURE to make your kitchen look extra 70s! With their simple style and bright color, they will blend seamlessly in with the style of the rest of the kitchen. The mix of linear pulls and circular knobs gives off a major 70s feel, and also adds some differentiation to all of the straight lines in a minimalist, mid-century modern kitchen. They also will look good with any color or stain of wood, therefore these are a great option for a mid-century modern kitchen!

Salt and Willow

For an extra minimalistic 70s feel, these matte black pulls will surely do the job. With the majority of them hidden within the lines of the cabinetry, it almost looks as if there is not any hardware at all. If you’re looking for something that won’t be as distracting, these semi-hidden matte black pulls are a great option!


Pairing your mid-century modern cabinets with the correct countertops doesn’t have to be a struggle. With this style being pretty minimalist, a simple white countertop usually does the trick. But here are a few different countertop ideas that you can incorporate into your kitchen’s design!

White quartz or a marble countertop

Simple, white quartz or marble countertop will do the job in nearly any mid-century modern kitchen. It matches anything, and surely adds a sense of sophistication to the kitchen as a whole. Not only does it add to the look of the kitchen, but they are also sturdy and will last a lifetime. It can have darker veins if you don’t want pure white countertops, or not because either way, it will look amazing!

 Black countertop

If you’re looking for something a little bit more 70s, and definitely different from the usual kitchens these days, a black countertop is a way to go. This will set your kitchen apart from any other, and it will look especially amazing if your appliances are also black. A black countertop also won’t show dirt and stains nearly as much as a white countertop will, therefore this design idea is amazing for numerous reasons!


To REALLY obtain a 70s feel in the kitchen, wood countertops are definitely the way to go. Bonus points if they also match the cabinetry seamlessly like in the picture above. This will make your kitchen truly look mid-century modern, and it will look like it’s straight out of a magazine. Who wouldn’t want that?

Grey countertop

If white is too much upkeep, black is too dark, and the wood countertops aren’t your vibe, a light grey countertop is definitely the next best option. It will match any other materials you incorporate in the kitchen and surely escalate the feel of sophistication and minimalism within the kitchen. 


The backsplash of a mid-century modern kitchen is where you’re able to either be creative and have a funky, 70s-style backsplash, or something very minimalist. Here are a few options to look at in order to see which style fits your taste the best!

This backsplash is the perfect mix between eclectic and minimalist. Being it’s black and white, it will match any other materials that are used within the kitchen. The geometric pattern is very 70s and will fit seamlessly into a mid-century modern style kitchen!

Splash of color to your kitchen

If you want to add a splash of color to your kitchen, this blue, staggered subway tile will look amazing in any mid-century modern kitchen. This color looks amazing against most wood stains, and provides an eye-catching look to the kitchen as a whole!


For more of a minimalist look, this backsplash does just the job. The tiny tiles provide a pattern to the kitchen without it looking too busy and look great alongside any other types or colors of material used within the rest of the kitchen. These tiles are the perfect addition to a mid-century modern kitchen that you will not regret!

Geometric tiles

Looking for something a little bit more 70s eclectic? Large and colorful geometric tiles, like in the picture above, provide the best funky look for a mid-century modern kitchen. They are definitely eye-catching and also dual as a feature wall. You can get them in any color, any size, and place them in nearly any pattern, therefore the opportunities are endless!


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