Your Guide to Planning the Ultimate Pennsylvania Road Trip

Road trips are as much a part of American culture as apple pie and football: and once the weather gets warm enough, people start running to their cars so they can hit the streets and head somewhere new.  

If you’re considering a road trip this year, it’s time to consider Pennsylvania!  This amazing state has something to please anyone who stops in.

Why Road Trip Through Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a perfect road trip state because of how much it offers guests to see and do.  From getting to know the incredible and long history of Pennsylvania to see the beautiful nature that fills this state, you’ll fall in love with every moment you spend here.  

Road tripping through Pennsylvania lets you take in all of the views and landmarks while getting to set your own pace.  If you’ve never been to the state, a road trip is a must! 

Amish Country

Why not start by taking it back to something simple and incredible?  In Amish Country, you can enjoy learning about their slower and more peaceful way of life and learn about the communities who live here.  

Beyond the natural beauty, you can also buy goods and items here, like soaps, candles, crafts, and other fun gifts you can give when you get back from your trip.  Amish Country offers a change of pace everyone could use.


This is a mix of informative and somber as you get to learn the history of Gettysburg.  With a healthy mix of recreation, history, and ghost stories, this can be an intriguing stop for people of any age who want to understand history better.  

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

If you’re taking a break from looking at Pittsburgh houses for sale and want to see something incredible, it’s time to check out the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.  Founded in 1893, this gorgeous historic place allows you to see gardens with plants from around the world and learn about the natural beauty of the area.  The conservatory itself is breathtaking, functioning as a greenhouse and arboretum, and the surrounding grounds are just as lovely.  


If you love chocolate, it’s time to head out to Hersheypark!  This fun amusement park offers tons of fun rides and entertainment, along with all sorts of sweets, from DIY candy to chocolate tours and an interactive chocolate mystery for all ages.

Every visitor who stops in falls in love with the great little park, and you will too!

What to Pack

If you’re road tripping through Pennsylvania in the summer, it’s important that you bring some lightweight, breathable clothes, sunscreen, and a water bottle.  This state gets warm in the summer, and it’s better to be prepared for it than to overheat because you guessed it wrong. 

An important thing to remember is that if you’re spending any time outside, bring sunscreen.  Although this advice holds true for any state you visit, you don’t want to risk skin disease or cancer if you don’t have to.

Pennsylvania Understands the Importance of Fun and Nature

If you want to visit a state that’s the perfect balance of indoors and outdoors: it’s time to visit Pennsylvania.  You’ll never find another state quite like this! 

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