How to Set Up an Attractive Home Office

How to Set Up an Attractive Home Office

In the still rippling wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the term “home office” is one which all of us hear quite a lot. This is partly on account of the millions of workers the pandemic drove out of the office and into the home office. Nevertheless, it should certainly be remembered that home offices have long been a staple of any home’s interior design. Home offices are nominally places to do work, but they can be exceptionally well integrated into to any home type, and ultimately become much more than that.

A property with a home office, for example, is sure to fetch a higher price on the housing market than an equivalent property without one. This is not because potential buyers are always homeworkers. Home buyers and sellers do not always strictly need a home office, but they much more often want one.

So, the home office is not a phenomenon of the pandemic or an emergency measure to keep people from congregating throughout the worst of it. Instead, it is a top interior design choice, a room the whole family can make use of and, where home sellers are concerned, a real value booster. CityHome Collective, realtors in Salt Lake City specializing in luxury homes and condos, say that the luxury properties they deal in nearly always feature a home office as one of their “luxury” features.

Working from Home Efficiently

Of course, though, it isn’t that a home office shouldn’t retain its primary function. For those obliged to do serious work from home, having an attractive and value-boosting home office is exactly the same thing as having an efficient home office. And for those home sellers who are looking to boost value with the installation of a home office, this is a very serious point.

A home office that is up to the job and which allows someone to work efficiently and effectively is also one that will boost value. The functional side of the home office should always be considered. Don’t set one up that is pure aesthetics – people want one that works too. Luckily, setting up a home office that looks great and which works great is usually one and the same task.

How to Set Up a Home Office

Regardless of what type of property you have, there are tips for approaching the task of setting a home office up. Make sure you consider all the following when setting up yours and you won’t go far wrong.

Get the Best Location

There are a several things to consider when deciding upon exactly where in your home you to set up your office. Generally speaking, the room which is not being used for anything essential to the home overall is the one to go for. However, a large window and, of course, enough room for a desk and everything else are vital to consider.

Consider Privacy

That said, rooms adjacent to either the living room or the main thoroughfare of the home are not the most suitable for a home office. A degree of calm and privacy is an essential consideration.

Who Will Use It?

We mentioned above that having a home office that is much more than an office-in-the-home makes for the most valuable kind of home office. Who will be using it? Is it suitable for children? Will it double as a reading room and library? More function is nearly always a plus.

Ultimately, a home office is as much of a home design value booster as a top living room or bathroom. It is no accessory.

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